Round Inlay Planter | Medium |Yellow | Striped | PRE-ORDER

Round Inlay Planter | Medium |Yellow | Striped | PRE-ORDER

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Pre-order for delivery at the end of July 2024

A beautiful Bone Inlay Planter, with a brass rim and a waterproof epoxy lining. Each planter has a felt base to prevent scratching the surface of a table.

The planters are handmade and every piece of bone inlay is hand painted and then stuck on by hand to the wooden base. Each piece of bone absorbs the dye in a slightly different way resulting in beautiful tonal variations. Therefore there will be slight irregularities in every planter adding to their individuality and uniqueness.

The bone is buffalo bone and is a by product of the meat industry.

Diameter 16cms, height 15.5cms

Designed by Sophie